instructions and care

Care instructions

CounterFit and TableFit products are made from specially designed plastic and should last many years. With proper care it will keep its shine year after year and retain its brand new look.

Our products are made specifically to be very easy to clean and maintain. Any mess should be wiped off and the counter can be cleaned as you would your normal counter.

Please note that CounterFit and TableFit products are NOT heat proof or scratch proof, so do not place hot items directly on these surfaces or use them as cutting boards.

When storing your CounterFit or TableFit product please do not place them in direct sunlight or next to a heat source as this may damage your product.

It’s always best store your covers flat: rolling them, or storing them on their side might leave a bend or wave in them. to reverse a bend or wave you might need to bend them in the opposite direction.

As any cabinetmaker will tell you, no 2 kitchens are alike, and there is no such thing as a straight wall: chances are that you will need to make some modifications to your CounterFit© or CounterTop© covers.

Take your time to read the following instruction and carefully follow every step to ensure that your Covers will fit your counters as snug as possible and you and your family will enjoy them for years to come!

DISCLAIMER: Modify your CounterFit© and/or TableFit© at your own risk: Take extra care when using knifes, scissors or any other tool: Any sharp object can cause serious damage or injury: We cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury that might happen when trying to modify in any way our plastic covers.

To fit 24″ deep counters

Many composite, laminated counter tops -such as Formica- come standard in 24″ deep size. To easily fit this standard size, your CounterFit© was lightly scored at 2.5″ inches from the back edge.

1.To remove the extra 2.5″ inch, fold over the score:


The score does not go deep, so you might need to apply quite some pressure to bend it.

2.Using a sharp knife, carefully start the cut by cutting through the score on one edge:


You only need to start the cut: No need to cut more than about half an inch deep.

3.Once the cut is started, you can now easily pull off the extra strip of plastic:


If you are having difficulty pulling off the extra strip, try bending and folding the strip over a few times.

If your counter is a different depth:

4.if you need to cut your CounterFit© cover to a different depth, carefully mark the line where you need to cut. If necessary, place the cover over cardboard or a scrap piece of plywood, in case you are afraid to damage the floor under the cover.

ATTENTION: make sure you mark and score the cover on THE OTHER SIDE of the factory-scored 24″ score! scoring the cover on the same side as the 24″ score might result in the cover bending and cutting on the wrong score.

5. Lay down a solid straight edge by the cutting line:


6. Using a sturdy sharp knife CAREFULLY score the sheet along the straight edge:


There is no need to apply much pressure: you do not need to cut through the plastic. Take your time, make sure the blade does not drift away from the edge, and most important, MAKE SURE YOUR HAND OR BODY ARE NOT IN THE PATH OF THE KNIFE!:


You can run the knife over the score a few times: this will make the next steps easier and the edge cleaner. beware: even with little pressure, a sharp knife can cut through the plastic in 3-4 passes.

7. Fold over the the cover by the score:


8.pull the extra strip of plastic away:


If you are having difficulty starting the cut, using a knife as in step 2 above.

Cutting irregular shapes:

If you need to cut irregular shapes, such as round corners or other curves, the safest and easiest way is by using an aviation snips, clampshell scissors or other sturdy shears:

_MG_1114small _MG_1115small

Regular scissors or typical kitchen scissors are not strong enough to cut through rigid plastic and should not be used.

1. mark the line where you want to cut and carefully cut away where needed:

_MG_1112small _MG_1104small

By Carefully planning your cut CounterFit© and TableFit© covers can be cut to precisely fit virtually any surface, such as kitchen sinks and faucets or around ovens.

Make sure to read the maintenance page to ensure that you counter cover will last a lifetime!