about us

About us

They say that nothing bonds a Jewish family together more than observing pesach at home, in the intimate setting of a royally bedecked dining room table,floors shining from the recent pesach scrub, a whiff of potato pancakes emanating from the surgically cleaned kitchen stove.
But whoever said it never walked into a Jewish home a week before pesach!
Washing the windows and scouring the floors, buying matzoh and wine , polishing the silver etc.: the list of small, little – yet essential- details seem to never end.

We of pesachConters.com understand: we too sometime wish to be worthy of our own little exodus…
And -just like you- we too detest wasting time, and money, on haphazard solutions to some recurring pesach issues. So when time came to cover our counters and tabls in preparation to pesach, as we were rolling the umpteenth roll of aluminium foil over the surfaces, trying unsuccessfully to tape them up the backsplash with some uncooperative piece of sticky tape, we came up with a better, definitive solution:

Counterfit, and Tablefit.

Simply ingenious: thick, sturdy plastic sheet with a lip covering the front, and a separate piece covering the backsplash. You only need to fit it to your kitchen once: the next erev pesach, when you are on your way to bringing the kittel to the cleaners, and your spouse reminds you to cover the counters so that the pesach dishes can be unpacked, just pull out your trusty pesach covers and put them in place: no more fighting with sticky tape or testing the limits of aluminium flexibility.